The rainy season has arrived, it rains all over the country in July and August, before that it gets worse due to confinement and heat. In such cases, due to heat, sweat and constipation, the pores of the face become closed, due to which pimples start appearing on the face. With this, the skin starts to deteriorate and it becomes sticky all the time. This can lead to acne and pimples. In such cases, should such tips be adopted so that our skin looks radiant and clean even in this season?
By the way, you should protect your skin in all seasons, but the rainy season because it causes more moisture and bacteria, you should take more care of your skin. Because then this moisture and stickiness increases the skin problems. At the same time, the problem of blackheads etc. is more these days. At the same time, the problem of acne is more visible in those days.

1. Facial scrubbing:
As we told you, as the humidity increases in this season, oil is released on the face, which increases the viscosity and closes the pores of our face. Due to which the skin suffers from various problems. Therefore, good and detailed cleaning of the skin is required, such as cleansing and scrubbing, etc. Even once a week, if this detailed cleansing is done, your face will glow.

2. Use of Vitamin C Serum:
Everyone knows how important vitamin C is for skin and facial protection and beauty, so make it a habit to use vitamin C supplements and use vitamin C serum for facial beauty. It will brighten your face so much that you will not be able to recognize yourself. This will make your skin fresh and refreshed.

3. Using Sunblock:
Sunblock As the name suggests it blocks the sun's rays, it prevents the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays from reaching your skin. So be sure to use it when going out, it also protects the house from the heat of the stove and its harmful heat. So be sure to use sunscreen or sunscreen.

4. Minimize the use of make-up:
Minimize the use of make-up in such weather. If you are a housewife, try not to apply make-up, just apply light make-up while leaving the house. And even if you are a working woman, do very light make-up. Do not use heavy bases. This is because it packs the skin perfectly and does not allow air to pass through it, which closes the pores of the face completely and causes acne and pimples.

5. Use alcohol-free toner:
Be sure to use an alcohol-free skin toner on your facial skin to retain moisture. It maintains the pH level of the skin. And gives proper and healthy moisture to the face, protects the face from becoming lifeless and dull.

6. Multani mud mask:
To maintain the beauty of your face, it is important to prevent excess oil on the face. This oil sticks dirt, dust and dirt on the face which causes acne, pimples etc. and with it the color fades, so to prevent this it is necessary to apply Multani mud mask on your face. Or apply a mid mask, it will absorb the excess oil of the face and keep the face fresh.