Windows: Update Windows, otherwise the machine may be hacked! Informed Microsoft

Windows: Microsoft urges all Windows users to update Windows immediately.

Microsoft urges all Windows users to update Windows immediately. In fact, Microsoft wants all Windows users around the world to install the June updated version of Microsoft. One of the reasons is that other versions of Microsoft have already been hacked. As a result, Microsoft has warned those who are using Windows 8 or the 10th or 11th version to install the June update immediately.

A few days ago, after a team of researchers discovered a major security flaw called Follina, Microsoft hastily uploaded the new update to its customers. According to the source, the researchers had warned Microsoft about the security threat several days ago. But Microsoft did not show much concern at the time. This time, they are worried about the evidence.

Folina Security is a security flaw that infects any machine or system that uses software such as Microsoft Word. Chinese hackers have already attacked Tibet by sending word documents containing malware. The hackers have taken control of the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool by corrupting the system through Folina. This allows hackers to easily access programs on the system or install new software and create new user accounts on the infected system. Microsoft has asked Windows users of different versions to install firmware KB5014699 and KB5014697 for Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, respectively.

Microsoft has already strongly recommended that customers install the updated June version as soon as possible to fully protect Folina from security flaws. Microsoft also said that 'customers who have already been updated to Windows through automatic updates no longer need to update.' It is learned that various government agencies in Europe and America are currently being targeted by Folina. In that case a message is being sent through a phishing link which hacks the system by sending malware to the targeted system.