Dark inner thighs: black spots of discomfort in two Thais? Easily remove this home remedy

Home Remedies: You can easily remove these scars at home


Due to the black stains on the inside of the Thai, it is difficult to wear open clothes Apart from appearance, these spots are also harmful for personality For various reasons, Thai black spots fall You can easily remove this stain at home

Mix half a lemon juice with a few tablespoons of coconut oil Massage this mixture well on the black part of Thai for 10 minutes or more Follow this procedure for a few weeks before bathing Vitamin C eliminates hyperpigmentation Coconut oil keeps the skin soft and pelvic


Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar, honey with lemon juice Then massage the black part of your thigh with this mixture This mixture will help in exfoliation


Make a mixture of equal amount of oatmeal and tokadai After that, scrub the black part of Thai well with that mixture After that wash 7


Make a mixture of equal amount of baking soda and water Then clean the black part of Thai 6 in that mixture Apply some mixture on the area like a mask When it is dry, wash it after 15 minutes


Aloe vera juice lightens dark spots on the skin Apply aloe vera juice or lotion on the black part of Thai When the mixture is mixed on the skin, wash it


You can also massage the black part of Thai with the juice of potato pieces As a result, the black spots will gradually become lighter