Chrome OS-Mozilla Firefox: Chrome, Mozilla users at risk; The government is warning!

Chrome OS-Mozilla Firefox: The Government of India has issued a High Risk Alert on a number of Google and Mozilla products in the country.

The Government of India has issued a High Risk Alert on several Google and Mozilla products in the country. The Computer Emergency Response team noticed that hackers were accessing all users 'data and creating code on all users' systems. With this code users are exposed to various important information of the system. This has caused problems for various products of Google Chrome and Mozilla.

High risk has been issued by The Computer Emergency Response Team. This problem is seen in version 96.0.464.209 of Chrome operating system. The problems that have occurred are: CVE-2021-43527, CVE-2022-1489, CVE-2022-1633, CVE-202-1636, CVE-2022-1859, CVE-2022-1867, CVE-2022- 23308. California-based giant The Mountain View has acknowledged that such bugs have been found in both operating systems. For this reason, Google has asked Chromebook users to update their systems. According to Google, the latest version of the Chrome operating system can protect users from such problems. As a result, users have been asked to update the Google Chrome operating system.
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The Computer Emergency Response reports that the Mozilla Firefox browser for iOS poses a significant risk. Harmful bugs have been found in the iOS version of Firefox app. The name of that harmful bug is Firefox 101. This type of bug helps in remote attack. As a result, users are more likely to steal important information. Mozilla has released updates on a variety of damaged products to avoid such malicious bugs that could harm users' devices with such malicious bug code. Users are advised to download Mozilla Firefox iOS version 101. It will be possible to get protection from such harmful bugs.

The Computer Emergency Response Team further reports that such malicious bugs are simultaneously attacking users' devices. These include denial of service attacks; When the user can no longer access anything on their device. According to the Government of India, various types of systems are targeted by such malicious bug codes.