If you have a big toe, read this news

Chinese experts believe that the toes reflect a person's personality. According to experts, the toes reflect something like this.

* If your toe is bigger and thicker than other toes, it means you are a very intelligent and creative person and you look at the things around you from a different angle.

* If your thumb is smaller than the other fingers, it means that you are affected more quickly than others and you are a happy person in your world.

* If your other finger is bigger than all the fingers, it means that your attitude is towards leaders and such people have a habit of giving orders.

* People whose other finger is small, they just do as they please and they have no harmony with others.

* People whose third finger is bigger than the other fingers, such people, whatever they decide, they breathe only by doing this work and such people have perfect skills in everything and want everything to be perfect.

* On the contrary, those who have a small third finger, such people enjoy their lives to the fullest. Such people work in every aspect of their lives.

* For individuals whose fourth finger is larger than the other fingers, their family is everything. If there is a slight bend in the fourth finger, it means that such people face a lack of love in relationships. But these people are very good listeners, whatever people talk to them, these people listen to the whole thing in silence. 

* People whose fourth finger is small, such people do not worry about family or their friends. These people are drunk in their lives.

* People who have small toe, they behave like children, these people do not take any responsibility and keep on joking all the time and these people get bored of things very quickly.

* People who can easily move the last toe of their foot. Such people are very brave and fun.