Electric Bike: 120 km on one charge! No more petrol-diesel hassles, great electric bikes in India!

Electric Bike: Only once fully charged can run up to 120 kilometers. There is also the advantage of changing the battery of this car.

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Great news for bike lovers! An amazing bike (Electric Bike) has arrived in the Indian market which will definitely be liked by everyone! At present, everyone is worried about the unrestrained increase in petrol and diesel prices. However, in the case of this bike, he has no worries at all! Symbolic image.

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Electric bikes are already gaining traction around this new bike for its stylish look and great features. This bike has been made keeping in mind the future. Which is why it has been created as a complete electric. Symbolic image.

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This bike can run up to 120 kilometers only once fully charged. There is also the advantage of changing the battery of this car. Symbolic image.

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In the new year, a company called Ignitron Motocorp has launched one of the country's first electric bikes under the CYBORG band. The name of this great model electric cruiser bike is Cyborg Yoda. Symbolic image.

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The bike manufacturer claims that the bike can be operated in any terrain or adverse conditions in India. In addition, the Cyborg Yoda electric bike has a cruiser look with a neo-retro design. Symbolic image.

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The bike is also designed with round headlamps, tail lights and turn indicators. Also, like the conventional cruiser, there are long and wide handle bars. Symbolic image.

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The car also has low-saddle and forward-set foodpags for a comfortable ride. In addition, the bike has an anti-theft alarm, pillar backrest, side paneer box adjustable suspension setup and keyless ignition. Symbolic image.

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At the time of purchase of the bike, the company will provide a compact home charger, through which the battery can be charged up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. However, the company did not provide much information about the hardware and battery and motor performance of the bike. Symbolic image.