Do not eat these things after eating radish, otherwise it can be a dangerous disease. Learn what 3 things radish should not be eaten with?

Whether it's a cold evening or a rainy season, if the radishes are hot, wow! what's the matter. Radish is used as a salad in almost every home, it is a vegetable that many people like while many do not like it.

Of course, everyone knows that overdoing anything is not good for our body. While there are benefits to eating them, there are also serious disadvantages that cannot be denied. In our society, people are told about the benefits of different foods but they are not told which foods should not be eaten with them. Today's Foods is going to tell you some of the disadvantages of radish that you may not have known before.

Radish and tomato
When making salads at home, of course, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes are added. But remember, don't eat radish with tomatoes at dinner at all. Dinner is usually eaten after a long break throughout the day. This causes gas to build up in the stomach and if you eat radish with tomato after that, it will cause severe burning sensation in your chest. The main cause of heartburn is that the stomach acid comes to the mouth which will also cause you to have sour belching.

Radish and milk
Never use milk after eating radish. The effects of radish and milk are different from each other and since radish is composed of 26 to 40% of chemicals, it can enter the stomach and cause any kind of reaction which can cause death. Can also go Reactions include various allergies and fever. You can also get ugly scars on your body.

Radish and fish
There is no harm in eating radish and fish together, but it can definitely affect your gastrointestinal tract. Since radish and fish are both foods that are difficult to digest, try not to eat them together.