Health effects of lemon seeds

Health effects of lemon seeds

Just as there are many health benefits to using lemons, so are their seeds.

Can lemon seeds be eaten?
According to nutritionists, lemon seeds can be eaten by grinding some amount and adding it to the diet to get the benefits of lemon seeds.

According to nutritionists, the use of these seeds along with lemons has many health benefits. They also contain vitamin C, antibacterial and antioxidant properties that are essential ingredients for overall health. Even though the seeds are bitter, they are helpful in removing harmful substances from the human body.

According to nutritionists, salicylic acid and aspirin in lemon seeds eliminate pain and stomach worms.

Are Lemon Seeds Toxic?
According to experts, lemon seeds are not toxic, experts say that lychee, peach, bitter almonds, bitter almonds in apricot and apple seeds can be more harmful than lemon seeds.

According to nutritionists, although lemon seeds have many benefits, people suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids, acidity, irritability, intestinal inflammation and indigestion should avoid using them.