An easy home remedy to get rid of clutter in winter clothes and sweaters

This is a simple tip to solve this problem if the skin starts itching and then allergies due to the change of clothes. Then wear nothing. Clothes will not stick. In
winter, especially silk clothes stick to the body, causing itchiness. And so the whole structure of the garment is affected. The same is true of sweaters and warm fabrics with synthetic fibers that rub against other garments to create a squeak. Women have a hard time wearing wedding dresses. It also happens that most of the hair sticks to the sweater and further spoils the look. Now with the magic of vinegar and conditioner the creaking of clothes can be easily removed.
Vinegar and conditioner

Take clean water in a large container to condition the washed sweater adhesive clothing for winter. Now add three tablespoons of white vinegar in it. Dip a sweater, shirt or garment in a solution of vinegar and water to absorb the vinegar into the garment. This process is enough for 15 minutes.

After that apply conditioner everywhere on the wet sweater but avoid pulling the sweater. Excessive stretching can ruin the shape of the sweater itself. Allow the hair conditioner to soak in for half an hour and then wash the clothes or sweater thoroughly to remove the vinegar and conditioner.

Now put this dress in a clean bag and keep it in the fridge overnight. Wear a sweater in the morning and this will stop the sticking process.

Remember that just as hair conditioner softens our hair, it also smoothes wool or synthetic fibers in clothing. In this way, the fibers also lose their elasticity, which causes the garment to stick.