Netflix L5 new mobile games, can be played completely free

Netflix brings 5 ​​new mobile games, completely free to play on the phone!

Netflix game: It can now be used only by Android phone users, but in a few days, iOS phone users will also be able to use it

Good news for those who like to play games. Netflix brings 5 ​​new mobile games (Netflix game), which can be played for free. Users do not have to spend a single penny to play this game. Users of both Android and iOS phones will be able to play these 5 Netflix games for free. All users need to do is download the game from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. After that the game can be played for free through Netflix app. Netflix has recently launched these 5 new games. While now only Android phone users can use it, in a few days iOS phone users will also be able to use it.

These 5 new Netflix games (Netflix game) can be used in different types of Indian languages. Users will be able to choose the language of their choice while playing this game. These include Indian languages ​​like Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi and Tamil. According to Netflix, you don't have to spend an extra penny to play these 5 games. Netflix subscribers can play these 5 games for free. Those who subscribe to Netflix do not have to pay a new fee to play this game. These 5 Netflix games are - Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game From BonusXP, Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up From Frosty Pop, Card Blast From Amuzo and Rogue Games. These 5 games of Netflix will not be able to be used by the users of the children's account

Step 1 - First you need to open the Netflix app on your phone. After that you have to sign in there.

Step 2 - After that you need to use Netflix Homepage or Games tab to play Netflix games.

Step 3 - After that you have to choose the game of your choice, whatever you want to play.

Step 4 - After that you have to download the game from the app store of your phone.

Step 5 - Once the game is downloaded, you need to use the Netflix app to play it.