Air Purifier: Air purifier protects the house from pollution; Be sure to be aware of these 10 important things before buying

Air Purifier: These 10 things must be checked and bought when buying an air purifier.

Air Purifier: These 10 things must be checked and bought when buying an air purifier.

: With the onset of winter, air quality is slowly deteriorating. In that case, it would be prudent to use an air purifier for health reasons. But when buying an Air Purifier, these 10 things must be checked and bought.

1. Considering the size of the house - If the size of our house is large, then high power model purifier will be suitable.

2. Filter Selection - Air Purifiers (Air, Harford Purifier ) before you can use to be informed about the type of filter. The filter must be a deterrent to dust, smoke, odors and other harmful contaminants.

3. Be aware of the rate of change of air to determine the effectiveness of the filter - The rate of change of air indicates how many times the air purifier has completely cleaned the air in the room. Therefore, for air purification in a good quality filter, it is recommended to have 5 to 6 ACH rating.

4. Before buying an air purifier, keep an eye on the CADR rating - CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It determines how many density feet the device can filter air per minute. The higher the CADR number of the filter, the higher the air purification capacity. In that case, the larger the operating space, the higher the CADR rated air purifier should be used.

5. Activated Carbon Filters - When buying an air purifier, it is best to buy a filter with an activated carbon layer. It absorbs all the harmful gases and chemicals present in the air and provides odorless air.

No model should be taken - UV or ionization air purifier models should be avoided, as they may not be good for health.

. Beware of decibels - Any model above 45 to 50 decibels can interfere with sleep at night.

. Considering the cost of customer service - When buying a new air purifier it is best to keep in mind the cost of customer service for changing the filter.

9. Certification and Warranty - There are two standards for air purifiers - AHAM and China Standard. Like any other electronic device, it is better to check all the terms and conditions of the warranty given in this case.

10. Model with an AQI monitor - Having a built-in AQI monitor means that the customer will be able to check the air quality while operating the device. Also, a lightweight and easily portable model should be purchased.