How are babies born as a result of C-section different from babies born through normal delivery?

How are babies born as a result of C-section different from babies born through normal delivery?

The birth of a child is the most beautiful moment of any married couple's life and they want their child to be safe from all kinds of dangers and complications from the first moment of pregnancy to the birth and for that they Ready to do their best. Nowadays, taking advantage of this weakness of the parents, doctors suggest having a C-section instead of a normal delivery.
 In some cases, a C-section may be necessary for the life of the mother and the child, but in some cases Doctors also use this advice only to increase their fees.

It is generally thought that C-section causes the mother to experience a variety of complications and thus delivery can pose a number of health risks to the mother - but few are aware of this. Babies born as a result of C-section are very different from babies with normal delivery and they face many problems throughout their life.

1: Respiratory problems
Compared to normal delivery, babies born as a result of C-section have relatively weak lungs, which may lead to such babies being transferred to the nursery immediately after birth. The whole life goes on with these children and the slightest change in the weather can make these children suffer from respiratory disease and this process goes on with them for a large part of life.

2: Suffers from allergic reactions
The mothers of babies born as a result of C-section are under the influence of drugs at the time of their birth, so they cannot touch their baby immediately or breastfeed them immediately - experts Because of this, children are more likely to be allergic to the external environment and may develop allergies sooner than other children in normal life when they grow up.

3: Weakness of the digestive system
According to research from the University of Birmingham in the UK, a lengthy study of babies born in large numbers revealed that babies who were delivered normally had better digestion in their stomachs. So there are the same bacteria that are inside the mother's womb, whereas babies born with a C-section do not have those bacteria in their stomach - which can cause them to have digestive problems in the first days of their life. Which can last for a period of nine months.

4: Lack of immunity
Babies who are neither breastfed nor breastfed after birth have a weakened immune system - and are at risk of contracting the disease. Grow -